Priemarsol | Construcciones y obras en la Costa del Sol
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Constructions and works on the Costa del Sol

The trajectory of success during the last ten years has managed to place Construcciones y Obras Priemarsol among the companies with more prestige, professionalism and seriousness of the construction sector, this growth is justified by the trust deposited by the clients and promoters with whom it works The company, offering a guarantee in fulfillment of dates, quality of finishes and finishes. The company also has a department of design and decoration that provides its services to both individuals and developers.


Study and sustainable execution of infrastructures of civil works and construction.

Construction process

The objective of the company is to provide a comprehensive solution to the construction process.


Collaboration in private public programs of different sectors.

The construction and renovation of several hotels, buildings and more than a hundred villas endorse the growth of the company.

Our projects

The recognition of our quality and commitment is the result of an efficient organization and a dynamic and enterprising management, which since 2007 has been reinforced with the implementation of an Integrated Quality and Environment Management system.