Priemarsol | Business Line
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Business Line


The main activity of Priemarsol focuses on the study and sustainable execution of infrastructures of civil works and construction. It is historically the oldest area of the business group and accounts for 60% of total turnover.

Priemarsol is a company qualified to carry out any type of project, rigorously fulfilling the deadlines and adapting to the specific conditions of each infrastructure and location.

Construcciones Priemarsol
Otros servicios Priemarsol
Other services

The objective of the company is to provide a comprehensive solution to the construction process, guaranteeing the client a product with optimum qualities dealing with all phases of the construction project until the completion of the project and delivery to the client, prepared for their habitability, Complying with the agreed prices, prices and execution deadlines.

  • Turnkey service for multi-family homes and buildings.
  • Construction of real estate developments.
  • Construction and renovation of Hotels.
  • Turnkey service of single family homes.
  • Turnkey service to promoters.
  • Reforms of all types of buildings.
  • Buildings and civil works for municipalities and public administrations.
  • Design of projects through collaborating architects.
  • Projects of decoration and design.
  • Solar Search Management.
  • Management of work license with the corresponding administrations.