Priemarsol | Company
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Our path

The path of success over the last ten years has been put Priemarsol Building industryamong companies with more prestige, professionalism and seriousness of theconstruction sector, growth is justified by the trust of customers and developers workingwith the company, offering a guarantee in compliance dates, quality of finishes and finishes. The company has also a department of design and decoration that serves both individuals and to developers of construction

A team of professionals at your disposal

Constructions and works on the Costa del Sol

empresa priemarsol
Quality and commitment

The construction and renovation of several hotels, buildings and more than a hundredvillages attest to the growth of the company and its good know-how, this recognition isthe result of an efficient organization and a dynamic and entrepreneurial management, which since the year 2007 has been strengthened with the introduction of a system ofIntegrated Quality Management and Environment as required by the UNE-EN-ISO9001:2004 and UNE-EN-ISO 14001:2004.

Prevention of labor risks

Priemarsol efforts are focused on the prevention of labor risks and the results are more than satisfactory according to the data on accidents that occurred, since start up the company has never registered any serious or fatal accidents. They represent one more step in the ongoing interest to continue being one of the companies in the sector who pays the most attention to safety.

Human resource policy

Priemarsol employees are a pillar of the company’s success and its competitive advantage. The main aim of human resource policy is to retain well-rounded personnel to guarantee future growth while enabling the professional development of all employees.